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7 Ways to Have an Amazing Day

Pop Quiz 3Do you remember that dreaded day in high school when you sat down in class and the teacher at the front of the room said, “Get a paper and pencil out, today we are having a pop quiz.” I’m sure some kids weren’t even phased by it because they had studied and were prepared, but for me it was terrifying. Those were the days when I came face to face with the consequences of my procrastination and lack of preparation.

What if at the end of the day there was the possibility of a pop quiz? What if someone came in and said, “Get a pencil and paper out and write down your greatest accomplishments from the day. The strength of your answers will determine your ultimate success and happiness in the future.”

Would we be eager and ready to write down how we took advantage of every moment and focused on becoming better, or would we feel that terrified because we knew we had procrastinated and wasted our time?…

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3 Steps for Performing Under Pressure

Pressure 4How do some people have the ability to stay calm and deliver results in stressful situations? Why do some people “freeze” under pressure? The other day when I was driving to work I heard an interview with hall of fame baseball manager Tony LaRussa. He was asked whether or not some baseball players are born with the ability to perform under pressure.

“Absolutely not. Performing under pressure is a skill that can be learned by anybody.”

The interviewer was a little surprised at the answer and asked him what he meant. LaRussa went on to explain that his organization used a 3-step method to actually teach players how to achieve great results in pressure situations. The steps are: Preparation, Repetition, and Process.

Pressure 1#1 – Preparation.…

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Do it Scared!

Picture A story shared by one of my mentors, Rory Vaden. Enjoy!

I once heard a true story of a woman who was trapped in a burning building on the 80th floor. She had an intensive fear of heights and also an intense fear of closed in spaces. So when the fire alarm went off she absolutely refused to follow her colleagues into the stairwell to evacuate to safety.

She could not handle the thought of going down the stairs being able to look down in the middle all the way to the bottom. And the thought of being trapped inside the enclosed stairwell was just too much to endure and so instead she made a conscious choice to hide under her desk and wait to die.…

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