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Trending Upward

Trending Upward

Trending Upward

The growth and prominence of Twitter has led to the increased popularity of the word “trending”. It isn’t a new word, of course, but it can be used to describe an important principle of life.

Let me start with a question: Which way is your life trending?

Think about it seriously for a moment. Do you feel like you are moving backward, forward, or standing still?

I will tell you this: it is impossible to be standing still. Life is constantly moving forward so if you are standing still personally, you are actually getting left behind. In other words, you are trending downward.

You are either moving upward or downward. You are trending one way or the other.

Let’s look a little closer at the word “trending”.… Read the rest!

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Could You Change If You Wanted To?


    Is change good or bad? When you think about it, life is all about making changes. Self-improvement is nothing more than a string of small changes for the better. Self-destruction is a string of increasingly bad changes leading to our demise. Yet if we do nothing or are unwilling to change at all, we become stagnant and start moving backwards. So, to improve our lives we need to consistently change positions and take another step forward. We need to change.

Almost everybody that I coach tells me the same thing, “I know I need to make some changes but I don’t know if I can do it.” Businesses commonly tell me, “We want to achieve ______ but we’re not sure if that can work in our business.”

Today I want to talk about a theory introduced by psychologists Prochaska and DiClemente in the 1970’s as they studied methods that helped some smokers to be able to quit while others were unable.Read the rest!

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