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The MVP’s Mother – The Powerful Influence of Mom

Kevin Durrant with Mom

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend I wanted to share this video of professional basketball player, Kevin Durrant, after winning the league’s Most Valuable Player award. The best part of the video starts a little after the 2:00 mark.
Is there any doubt what effect mothers can have on their kids? Please enjoy this video and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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Happy Mother’s Under-Appreciation Day!

Mother's Under-Appreciation Day

Wasn’t yesterday a great day? Mother’s Day is such a wonderful holiday because there is nobody who deserves a special day more than mom. They have more influence on how we turn out as adults than any other person we encounter as a child. They love us for who we are more than anybody else. Moms are special.

And that’s why, across the country, millions of dollars were spent on flowers, cards, chocolates and jewelry. At our house the boys and I made breakfast and gave my wife the gifts we had made. Later I tried my best to make a delicious dinner (although this morning my stomach is telling me I may have given us food poisoning). Sorry honey!

So what happens now?

multitasking-mom4Well, today is “Mother’s Under-Appreciation Day”.… Read the rest!

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