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Kites, Kids, and the 2 Necessities for Success

Kids Flying Kites Fall has finally arrived and nobody is more excited than those of us in Arizona! Last weekend the cooler weather rolled in with a lot of cool wind. So we celebrated by flying kites with the kids. As the kites soared higher and higher, my oldest son had a great idea.

“Let’s cut the string and watch it fly away!”

I tried to explain to him that it might not work the way he was hoping but he was adamant that we needed to cut the string.

Seeing an opportunity to teach a life lesson, I agreed. We cut the rope and to my son’s dismay, the kite slowly drifted straight down to the ground.

When I turned around, my son had a look of disbelief on his face.…

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Pulling the Trigger – Start Making Those Tough Decisions

Pull the Trigger 1

Have you ever been really excited about a new opportunity but never were able to pull the trigger and go for it? Was it because of fear, worry, or maybe over-analysis? And then, before you realized it, the opportunity had come and gone and you missed out.

As a young boy I really looked forward to the Heap Family Reunion which was a 3-4 day camping trip we did every year in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. Every day my cousins and I would grab our BB guns and head out in search of any small rodent we could find. We had some great adventures chasing chipmunks into holes and squirrels up trees.

One day I was hunting with my dad and brother when all of a sudden my dad grabbed my arm and pointed to the base of a nearby tree.…

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Motivated Monday – Invictus

Monday MotivationGood morning and happy Monday! It’s the best day of the week to get to work on those goals!

This week I wanted to share one of my favorite poems of all time, “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley. I first encountered this poem in high school and it instantly became one of my favorite things to read during the tough times of life.

Henley wrote this poem not long after having his left leg amputated due to tuberculosis of the bone. He had made the decision that he would not let this devastating trial control his life. He became involved with other writers and poets in England and was so well respected that Robert Louis Stevenson based the one-legged pirate Long John Silver in Treasure Island off of him.…

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Passing Through Life’s Storms

Riding in Life's StormsLast Tuesday morning I hopped on my bike for my early morning bike ride. I leave my house at 5 am so it is pretty dark out. I couldn’t see any clouds and the streets were dry but as I pulled out of my driveway, I could see lightening far to the north of me and also way down to the south. I figured that they were storms that had passed during the night and that I would have no problem on my ride. (I could write a whole other post about paying attention to the warning signs life gives us.)

For the first 10 miles of he ride,everything was perfect and I really enjoyed the cool morning air. Then the streets started getting really wet and it was obvious a lot of rain had recently hit the area.…

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Motivated Monday – Hoe to the End of the Row

Hoeing the Row

Today’s Motivated Monday poem is all about work and giving a little bit more effort than what is required. In his book 212 Degrees, Mac Anderson talks about how at 211 degrees, water is very hot but at 212 degrees water boils and makes steam…and steam can power a locomotive.

Most times the difference between good and great is just a little extra effort. The difference between first and second place may be less than a second. So when you read this poem, think about how that extra effort can translate into bigger success.



Hoe to the End of the Row!

Bill Brown made a million,
Bill Brown, think of that.
That boy you remember,
As poor as a rat.

He hoed for the neighbors,
Did jobs by the day.…

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Whipping the Sea – Where Do You Place the Blame?

XerxesIn 483 BC the king of Persia, a man named Xerxes set out to conquer the Greek mainland. (You may remember Xerxes as the main bad guy from the movie “300”). Xerxes attacked Greece to avenge the failure of his father, Darius, who lost a major battle against the Greeks at a place called Marathon about a decade earlier.

In order to get his army over to Greece by land he had to build a bridge over a strait of water called the Hellespont. His engineers started construction on the bridge but before it was finished, a terrible storm came and destroyed all the progress they had made. Xerxes was so upset at what happened that he had every engineer beheaded then sent soldiers down to the banks of the strait and actually had them whip the sea 300 times for its failure to obey him and comply with his plans.…

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The Two Most Important Things You Can Control

attitude and effort

What can we really control in life?

Individually, we can’t control the economy, the weather, the performance of our favorite sports team, or the actions of other people. They happen whether we like it or not.

Everything that we can control comes from within. There are two major factors we can control that will lead to greater success and achievement.
We decide how to utilize these factors every single day.

#1. Attitude

Our attitude is purely our own choice. No matter what people say or do to us, we have the decision of how we will react. Some people choose to just have a bad attitude about almost everything. You buy them a cake and they complain about the frosting. They get a raise and promotion and they complain about the increase in responsibility.

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Worth More Than Diamonds?


Back in college I took a geology class because I was looking for an easy way to fulfill a science requirement. The class was interesting and not particularly difficult. After the first few weeks I was ranked #2 in the class and was certainly overly proud of myself.

One morning when we arrived at the classroom the door was locked. There was a sign on the door that said we would be assigned to specific stations that day based on our class rank. Below that was a list of the students, with a number by their name indicating which station they would be at for the day.

gemstones microscopeBefore long, the teacher opened the door and announced that we would be studying gemology that day. He let us in to find our assigned seats.…

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