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Friday Hypothetical #6 – Your Brilliant Child?

Hypothetical BabyWelcome to our highly debated “Friday Hypothetical” series! I hope you leave a comment and join the debate!

Background for this week:

My wife and I had a baby girl at the start of the summer and she is, of course, the most beautiful and brilliant child in history. In that light, I present to you the hypothetical question for the week, which I found at scienceforums.com


You discover that your wonderful, and incredibly smart, one-year-old child is, because of a mix-up at the hospital, not yours. What would you do? Would you want to exchange the child to try to correct the “mistake”?

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  1. Stephanie Palkowitsch

    That is such a hard question. I feel like I would want my own child but I wouldn’t want to give up the child that wasn’t biologically mine either…

    • Once my heart and soul are involved in loving a child, biology becomes less important to me. Two sets of parents need to consult with each other. Negotiations and rules of law will most likely determine my need to give up the child in my home and raise my biological child. What a heart- and soul-wrenching decision. However, I agree with Stephanie – I will want to raise both of the children.

  2. Dumb question Kris – next…………

  3. Gosh Kris, that’s a terrible question. I feel I would have a VERY HARD time letting go but at the same time I would want to see my biological child as I’m sure they would. For me, I would return the child & maybe we could allow our kids to grow & know one another. 🙂

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  5. Oh yes. I couldn’t keep someone else’s child fraudulently, and I’d want to take responsibility for my own anyway, regardless of their IQ. Although if I’ve developed an attachment it might be quite difficult, and I’d probably try to stay in touch with the family.

  6. Yes I would get in contact with correct birth parents and work at an exchange for several months time. Especially since the child is only one. It would be different if the child were older say 10. You should have the correct biological child.

  7. ugh, so difficult, this little girl is not your baby, but she only knows you and you love her to death. You have had her for her whole life. But, your baby is being raised by another family are they taking the same kind of care or her? I would have to consider what is best for both babies. I don’t have the answer

  8. I remember reading this actually happened to a couple in Germany, after the father insisted on a paternity test because the baby (at 8 months of age) looked nothing like him. Turns out the hospital had made an error and switched up the babies of two couples. The babies were returned to their biological parents. Both had been well looked after. I would choose my biological child and seek to keep in touch with the other.

  9. You would exchange the child! No question. We would likely by virtue of this event seek to be friends with the folks that have our child and vice versa. The brilliance of the child does not even enter into the question. The child is not meant to be ours. We may always love that child but to swap things back is all that is right. What is more this implies our actual child is somewhere else, and we need to bring them home.

  10. I would like to exchange it for the original child of ours.

  11. I will not strongly to have my baby but work harder to give the baby with me a home just the same way i would have given my baby anyway. My original baby was not meant to be brought up by me…..in everything, we should give thanks to the Lord. It is for a purpose.

  12. No question, I would want to do the right thing and exchange. If my real child wasn’t so wonderful, I’d worry that whom ever was raising her/him wouldn’t love them enough. It isn’t about acclaim, worldly achievement or recognition that we have children, it’s about loving them and helping them become who they can become. It’s about helping them be truly happy. If my children can be that, I will be happy.

    No joy comes from the acclaim of the world. True joy only come from serving God by serving others, and I can think of no other that deserve our service more than our family.

  13. My question is how do I discover the mixup? Was my baby stolen?This would be agonizing for me. How do the other parents feel? If they are deadbeats maybe they can give me back my kid and let me keep theirs. I would be happy with that.

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