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  1. It would make me super proud if I accomplished getting my license back by the end of the year. I had it taken away back in 2007 for an OWI/causing Series Injury charge I was charged with. It was the beginning of a life changing experience for me. It took me some time but after finally being sick of tired of being sick and tired I have two years clean as of today. Getting my license back would make it easier for me not just to get to a from work but any point A to point B establishment without relying on public transportation or asking my girlfriend or friend/roomate for a ride to the destination I need.After getting my 2 years clean I feel I have earned the right try and get my license back. I believe it is a great goal for me to accomplish this year.

  2. I work really hard at a highly complex & stressful job. The pay doesn’t allow me to live by myself. I live with 3 other people and I don’t like the fact that I have to follow someone elses rules.I would be super proud if I got a raise and found my own place. Independance is a necessity for me to feel whole.

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