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  1. The burden of this TOOL in life is – If you have to much – it’s a burden because you become the Guardian of it (trying to keep it) – and if you have to little of it – it is a Burden to your general needs –
    Everyone says you have less problems with too much of it – but they have never had to much of it themselves and do not understand – what they claim they know.
    It is a TOOL – you have to treat money as a TOOL – it is necessary to help you survive – I would say; sharpen your skills, of how to manage your money, So you can use this increase & respect this TOOL to provide a BALANCE to be Happy in Your Life!

  2. From time to time we are falling down in life and getting so busy in our jobs and forget to live our life. I believe we really need some sort of reminder to keep reminding us about the beauty of life and there is something much much better than getting ourselves just busy on collecting money !
    Thanks for sharing this video with us ..

  3. If was no money I would sure first of all that my family were looked after and secure, then I would teach them how to use money to benefit others less fortunate

  4. I think a more interesting question is “what would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?” We can’t deny that money is a necessity in the majority of cases but it shouldn’t be the only motivating factor.

    I would like to draw your attention to a documentary featuring my brother’s friend, Ed Wade-Martins. Ed embarks on a remarkable bike ride from England to Mali in West Africa to raise funds for the Fresh Start Foundation. Ed raises the point that we are living in a very disempowered society. Many people are capable of doing much more than they believe.

    You can find a link to the documentary here: http://jellistoronto.wordpress.com/2013/01/03/happy-new-year/

  5. Well, money is an object. No ifs, ands, or buts. We want to have better attitudes about it, but our natural survival instinct kicks in, particularly when we see old folks or imagine ourselves as elderly with no money. Problem is, when we have money, the temptation is so great to spend it now on something we “need” or think we need. I’m about to purchase an iphone 5, and that’s a couple hundred (with a 2-year contract) that won’t get saved. If money were no object, we would still be hunter-gatherers and riding around on donkeys. BTW, I’m not keeping up my blog, so there are only 3 little blogs from January on there, as I’ve entered school again.

  6. Something would always take its place

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  7. If you pursue that which you love, you emanate enthusiasm. When you emanate passion, the money comes, thus providing you with more freedom.

  8. Spot on video. Most of us get sucked into these ‘business’ oriented jobs because it’s what we’ve been groomed to… “You were born into humanity and sold into society.” -Ian Anderson

  9. I agree, when you emenate passion you are living your life at a higher vibration and attracting good things, including money. And yet… I inherited money but in some ways I think it has kept me stuck for the last few years. Now, as the amount is dwindling, I seem to have more energy and I am getting out there and doing more things! Interesting??

  10. Still wrapping my head around this. I think the concept is scary. Which means I am not fully grasping it. The simplicity of the realization that doing what you don’t really want to do all day is stupid because you have to keep doing it to support it. But at the same time how do you support what you want to do before you know how to do it…. should I quit my job tomorrow? No, that would be extremely foolish. How do I work in what I want to do? And if I really want to do it, why am I not doing it? I’m scared of failing. But if my self doubt holds me back from doing it then I have to keep doing what I am doing until I am confident enough to do what I want… which is taking forever to muster it seems. Lack of patience and focus. Too much fear. Have to conquer the fear. There it is…

  11. I believe that “Happiness” is somewhere between too much and too little. If money were no problem then I would have to be careful to not become greedy and help those less fortunate. Money can’t “buy” happiness, it can provide a sense of security. It can provide a sense of “feeling good in your soul” when you are able to help others in need.

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