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  1. Be bold. It is okay to make mistakes because they make you stronger. But decide what you want from life and go get it.

    • My step-dad always used to say “be kind, girls. Be kind.” to us. That along with, “It’s ok to bring home a ‘B'”. We thought he was a dork, but it started to sink in. The older I get, the more I realize what he was trying to telll us. Being kind is so important and can actually transform potentially crappy situations. Few kids see the value in doing well in school….I wish I had a clever, poignant way to communicate that.

    • Be an active participant in your life.

    • Barbara Doughertty

      All we have is this moment. The past is gone. The next minute is not here yet. :Live in the moment intentionally.

  2. Remember in life ‘There are no mistakes only lessons to be learned’ remember this on your journey and learn and grow!

  3. Enjoy all aspects of life.

  4. If you understand death, you will understand what is important in life.

  5. Be true to your inner self.

  6. Love with your whole being. Do loving acts everyday in the end it is all that will matter.

  7. Love with your whole being. Do a loving act everyday. In the end iTI is all that really matters.

  8. Read your Bible daily, trust God, and be joyful!

  9. Learn to love yourself. The rest will follow on from there.

  10. Never stop learning growing and evolving ….

  11. My heart feels transition is a blessing if you choose light. Focus on a scene of flowers, rocks, leaves moving in the wind. Everything and every person we have known makes this cross over. Build your bridge towards a beautiful image and walk towards this slowly with intention. You have lived. You have people that brought you into this life, and have changed pages with many. There are no judgements anymore. You are free of fear. No turning back, there are people who will remember you and wish you well, they may weep. There is no rainbow without the rain. The rain has passed.
    The memories are built. Focus on an image, stick with it, a bountiful field of a color you like, the color draws you in. Breathe, you may feel alone, but you are not. Others have crossed before you, this is your turn. Relax, hopefully the pain is gone, the decisions are made. You have loved and been loved and are at this moment, by people you never knew. Hold the focus of the field. When you transition your homework is done.You pass the torch.
    Feel your body relax, not fight it. Breathe slow and deep, slower and deeper focusing on the field. I see flowers and sometimes I see just virgin green leaves of spring. They are rustling with a gentle warm breeze. Like chimes. Your hearing is the last sense to leave, let someone pray, read, sing or talk wiht you, Or let the quiet fill you up, bathe you in warm soft heat. Close your eyes and rest. Breathe again, deeper, slower. This is your time, a special moment. You will see the field of your choice and know quietly you are crossing. Let go of your body. Your spirit will guide you. It is instinctual. I cannot cross with you, this is your time. I wish you well on your sojourn and know you made this a better place. There is light, soft as you move. I will stay and be quiet. Someone may hold you or your hand. You will let go when you are ready and meet the bridge, the field, the light. Deeply, quietly, you go forward. I am proud of you.
    Everyone must make this travel, continue without anyone. There is peace. You are home from where you came. I honor your transition and will be quiet to make sure you have crossed. Bless you, you are now the light.

  12. Believe and trust in yourself and remember when life throws you lemons make lemonade! Smile the best things in life are really free

  13. It really is shorter than you think. Look before you leap, but then do leap (i.e., don’t be stupid, but then spread your wings). You only get one life, be sure to squeeze it for what it’s worth.

  14. When faced with whether to work more or spend time with your family, choose family. Children grow up quickly and you can’t relive what you missed.

  15. Be happy, do not duel on small things. Worrying does not help and most times things work out on their own. Appreciate and enjoy what you have, make the most of what life offers you.

  16. I would say to be sure you “Balance” your life, not to much of anyone thing.

  17. Do what you love…..love what you do. You don’t have to be stuck in a job, in a life, that doesn’t inspire you to get up every morning absolutely thrilled about the day ahead. “Be your best, dress your best, talk softly, look for the bright side of things. Praise people for what they do and don’t criticize them for what they cannot do. If someone does something stupid, forgive and forget.” Tell those you love that you love them….each and every day, smile at strangers, let your light shine.

  18. Do not be afraid. Fear subsides when you speak from your heart, state what you need, ask what others need, and don’t get lost in details.

  19. Live your life without regrets!

  20. Don’t let others dictate your life to you. Don’t worry about what is expected of you….do what will make you happy! Don’t settle – go out and get what you want by making a plan of action and doing it step by step. And last but certainly not least, save at least a portion of every dollar you make and treat it like it’s not there – you will need it when you are older.

  21. Oriah Mountain Dreamer wrote a poem called The Invitation. Kahlil Gibran wrote a book called The Prophet. Read them both many times and absorb their wisdom. Understand and internalize these and you will walk the path of truth in this life.

  22. Strive every day to be more like Jesus. Start with doing something kind and/or loving for someone else each and every day.

  23. In a blink of an eye life can be over, laugh often, love deeply and learn to forgive.

  24. Gack-agghh-ahh!

  25. A very timely posting as I just found out a hour ago that my mother inlaw, Anne passed away. My son and I were talking about Anne’s life philosophy. We know she has told us all ” to each his own”. And “don’t worry so much about what others think, enjoy yourself”.

  26. Get your financial house in order quickly. Establish and defend a work/life balance at 40/60%. Read my book! 🙂

  27. Mistakes are opportunities. Learn and grow from them. Always, always, always live the present!

  28. Be fearless(get up and dance; ask; speak up; break useless rules; do everything!)

  29. Go into nature and experience it deeply. There you will find God and balance and respect for life and death. And grow your own food, the greatest education there is. – Kaye http://www.latebloomershow.com/

  30. Know yourself..love yourself and let your light shine to help others.

  31. Love yourself

  32. Develop a relationship with Christ first. Read the Bible until you understand. Then, follow God’s path for your life. He wants all the things that I would want to tell you!

  33. Be kind to others, laugh often, love always, don’t hold grudges, sing a song everyday, pray, hold hands with your special someone every chance you can, live everyday to it’s fullest.

  34. Try to walk your way with God at your side. A good connection with him will bring you everything you´ve been ever dreaming of and more and will lead you through the hardest moments of life and turn them into the best…

  35. Treat every person you encounter as if they are hurting and you will never miss the mark.

  36. Live with compassion and integrity.

  37. Contribute!

  38. Kathryn Morrison

    Never have regrets in life…live…love…enjoy what God gave you!

  39. Live your life fully. Be deliberate in your choices. Find your purpose in life and follow it.
    Quote that says it all: ‘Your life is yours alone, rise up and live it!” from Sword of Truth series.

  40. Live a purposeful life by helping others less fortunate.

  41. What you get out of life will correspond to what you put into it

  42. Cherish your health…and each other.

  43. My favorite saying that I have just learned this past year…..doesn’t matter what happens, how we mishandled things, or how badly we missed the boat…..we win in the end. Life is good….but death is better. We know how the story ends….we win…if we know Him.

  44. If you have to ask, you already know.

  45. I heard this the other night…We all need something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to! I would say that…I like it!!

  46. Put more value on People than on things. Love one another.

  47. The best inheritance you can give your children, is your time.

  48. Remember, there is no such thing as can’t.

  49. Love your neighbor as yourself. Learn to play golf.

  50. Win or learn. You’ll never lose.

  51. disappoint me, disappoint your family, hell disappoint everyone just don’t disappoint yourself at the end of the day

  52. Follow your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life. Forget about the money before it spoils you.


  54. Wow! You guys are incredible! What awesome advice for all of us to live by! It is interesting how we all give advice that has come from our individual life experiences.

    • That is the whole point – we learn from our own mistakes, but sometimes get to learn from other people’s wisdom. After I wrote my first book, I realized how much we could help each other if we all wrote a book !

  55. BE FEARLESS in your love for others and yourself. Life is too short to worry about embarrassment, failure, success, shame, mistakes, heartbreak, missed opportunities.

  56. Don’t worry about what other people think of you, be true to yourself

  57. Love your life with you’re whole heart and share it with others.

  58. “Inherited Will,
    The Destiny of the Age,
    and The Dreams of the People,
    These are things that will not be stopped.
    As long as people continue to pursue the meaning of Freedom,
    They will never cease to be!”
    Gol D. Roger

  59. james nugen-grace


  60. Heal your past wounds, be concious that you have a limited amount of time on this planet, and be present to those you love.

  61. dream big, smile often, take time to see and appreciate the gift given to you by every challenge.

  62. I wish I had the courage to do the things I wanted to do when I was young and without the resources then to wait until I’m older and still not have the courage to do it because I have the responsibility of a family. There is a way to figure out a plan to satisfy both — don’t give up your passions

  63. At age 8 I had ulcers from worrying. My wise father made me memorize the following, “My life has been filled with tragedies, and some of them even happened.” These are words to really live

  64. Shashi (Malaysia)

    Regardless which ever direction your mind is going… money, fame, relationship…
    One thing for sure , your body is walking straight to grave..
    Live as today is your last day alive, one day you will realise you’ve thought it right!

  65. I persevere through the hardships because I know there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I realize anything truly can be accomplished through consistent focus and consistent action and a desire to never quit. I focus on the present, plan for the future, and learn from the past. A man is what he thinks about all day long, control your inside dialogue. I have come to learn, what we think we become. Therefore I know :

    I alone am the master of my fate

    I alone am the captain of my soul

  66. Trust in something greater than yourself – God/Spirit/The Universe whatever you want to call it. Do more of what you love and be kind to people along the way.

  67. Give your life to Jesus Christ, for He, and He alone, is the Light, the Truth and the Way. Do it today.

  68. Live, learn, listen, love, accept, write, cry, smile, Be, patient, observe, sense, ask, feel, taste, share, foregive, calm, connect, dream, persistance, and dare…xoxo

  69. DON’T SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Be prepared for future events but try your hardest to live in the present. The present is really all you have

  71. It’s worth it.

  72. Zachary von de Vries

    Have low or no expectations. Expectations lead to disappointment.

  73. Remember NOBODY on their death bed has been heard to say “I wish I’d spent more time at the office”

  74. enjoy each & everyday as it’s your last, life is too short

  75. Travel – it will teach more about yourself and others than anything else can

  76. As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn’t supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You’ll have your heart broken and you’ll break others’ hearts. You’ll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them, and you’ll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you’ve never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. you just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone’s hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be a flirt, and smile until your face hurts. Don’t be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all, live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back!

  77. Be your own best friend. You will be the only one there everyday of your life.

  78. I will tell them learn to love and love to learn. Say thank you you all the persons whom you encounter, as you will have learnt something from each of them.

  79. Life… it’s worth paying attention to.

  80. have grandkids

  81. I would tell the young person to think of the things they really want to do… And then think, if they were to die in the next hour, which of those things not accomplish would upset them. DO THOSE THINGS!

  82. Love yourself, cheese and chocolate.

  83. Mistakes are the things you do knowing they are wrong. Everything else is lesson gifted to you from the universe 🙂

  84. My mom’s dying words to me were “All there is, is love!”

  85. Love the ones that are placed in your life; love the strangers you happen upon; love the difficult ones that are a real challenge to love and don’t love you back – they need it the most.

  86. Love, love, love. Show your love and receive love gracefully.

  87. All young women go or the most popular guy. As they get older, they bifurcate into two types: the ones that like to get fucked right, and the ones that like money. At no time are any of them capable of love, and neither are you, so don’t waste any time with romantic bullshit.

  88. Be Happy!

  89. Just believe you can…

  90. Be kind and love God.

  91. Live your life with no regrets.

  92. Do UR utmost best in this global flattening world and U will never look back @ what U could have done… That way U mind will always be open 2 new ideas, trends & U will be adaptable to adjusting to any situation!!! ;>))

  93. Don’t stay in a bad marriage or any bad relationship for that matter. Even if you keep thinking that by trying harder the difficult person will “come around”, they won’t. If you stay in a bad marriage and allow yourself to constantly get emotionally abused, one day you will wake up and realize that you are 50 and wasted half your life with this horrible person and you let them suck the life, dreams and hope out of your soul! Be stronger than I was!

    • But if you do and 30 yrs later finding yourself 59 years old remember success is the best revenge! Live well live fully everyday of your life Everyday is successful! We can’t go back so no regrets We live life’s lessons I believe as tragic as the loss of our loved ones is that God has a calling for each of us He gave us the gift of unconditional love You can’t lose that it is our gift Remember the treasures your loved ones left for you Don’t not lose focus on that Our love for them and our faith is our guarantee of life after life! Focus on living a beautiful life Our loved ones are with us always no need to make a phone call their right there for us!

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