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Just For Today…

In his book “Today Matters”, John C. Maxwell shares the following lines:

1. Just for today, I will choose and display the RIGHT ATTITUDE!
2. Just for today, I will determine and act on IMPORTANT P
3. Just for today, I will know and follow HEALTHY GUID
4. Just for today, I will communicate with and care for MY FAMILY!
5. Just for today, I will practice and develop GOOD THINKING!
6. Just for today, I will make and keep PROPER COMMITMENT!
7. Just for today, I will earn and properly manage MY FINANCES!
8. Just for today, I will deepen and live out MY FAITH!
9. Just for today, I will initiate and invest in SOLID RELATIONSHIPS!
10. Just for today, I will plan for and model GENEROSITY!
11. Just for today, I will embrace and practice GOOD VALUES!
12. Just for today, I will seek and experience IMPROVEMENTS!

I really like these because sometimes we have so much we want to change or improve in our lives that we get a little overwhelmed. It is hard to say, “I’m going to change the way I act for the rest of my life.” It is such a big task that subconsciously we will reject it and give up. That’s why so many diets fail. We set these big goals that are so big that we never really start them. Or we throw in the towel after a week because it just seems like we will never make our goal. However, if we could change our thinking to be, “I am going to eat healthy today. Just for one day.” we could all last one day. and then tomorrow we can say the same thing, “Just one more day.” Before we know it, we’ve gone a week of healthy eating and have lost weight.

The really big obstacles and challenges in our life can all be conquered if we can boil them down to a specific task to accomplish each day. The cumulative effect of all those small efforts will be big improvements in our lives.

Give it a try. Look at your biggest goals and ask yourself, “What could I do today?” You will be happy that you did.

Go for it…….just for today.


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